15 May 2012

22 weeks


I'm 22 weeks this week. Many of you will remember that I was 22 weeks pregnant when I went into labour with Grace in my last pregnancy. It's a very scary time but I have to keep telling myself that this pregnancy is different and I know that I can carry a baby to full term.. I have done it before!

We are right in the thick of the risky stage as babies born at 22 weeks have no chance of survival, but babies born at 28 weeks have a good chance of survival.. just 6 more weeks and we will be on the home stretch! (Not that we want a baby born at 28 weeks.. that is still very premature.. we are aiming for 37 weeks here and not any earlier!)

Everything is going really well and I am literally just counting down the days until I get to 28 weeks and we can all let out a great big sigh of relief!

The strangest thing is that because I have given birth to a 22 week old baby I know exactly what this little boy in my tummy looks like (well obviously he will have his own features) but not many pregnant women can say that they know how a baby looks at 22 weeks.. It's slightly scary and kind of comforting in a funny way.

With every single kick I get I am so grateful that I am pregnant and that this little boy is still in my tummy.
I just need him to stay there for another few months. Sometimes I find myself talking to him and saying "I can't wait to meet you" and then I quickly add "But not now.. I don't wan't to meet you now! Stay in there until full term okay and don't come out any sooner!"

Okay little man, you got that?

*Photo of a little baby blanket I have been making this week.. after 4 years of being surrounded by pink everything, it's nice to have a bit of blue!


Helen said...

22 weeks! you are doing so well!
the blanket is looking very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. I hope it all runs smoothly for you from here.

Emma Steendam said...

Oh I love that navy, having 6 nieces I am so over PINK! No pressure for us to have a boy ;) lol
Good luck on the home stretch, I'll be thinking of you and getting to meet your little man, but not too soon!

Coal Valley View said...

Not long now - you've done such an amazing job living in the horizontal for 22 weeks. I just can't imagine. On the plus side, I see you've been busy with the crocheting and I love your blanket! What stitch is it? I would love to crochet something without having to deal with a million colour changes and dealing with all the ends - this granny square blanket I'm making is doing my head in!!!

Zoë said...

Thinking of you Katie - you're more than halfway now, hooray! Zoë x

Anonymous said...

That's really great, you're doing so well.
For someone who's just learn to crochet, your cruising along. The blanket is really lovely.

bron @ baby space said...

that blanket looks amazing. yes little dude, stay nice and snug in there. you're doing awesomely miss katie.

one claire day said...

This must be an emotional week for you, Katie.

But you can do this - you're doing it! I'm sure that little boy is happy in there under the warmth of knitted blankets in progress! Thinking of you :) xx

Gaby said...

Glad to hear you're still doing well, tough as this week must be for you. Thinking of you and your bub x

p.s. gorgeous blanket!

Luna said...

That blanket is a beautiful shade of blue too.

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