17 February 2012

Little Rose..

Baby Space. net. au

A few weeks ago my dear friend Bron (who I met at mothers group in Bondi when our preschoolers were just a few weeks old) had a beautiful little girl called Rose.

Bron and I would catch up all the time when I lived in Sydney and Sophie and her little boy were the best of friends. It was very hard for Sophie (and me) to move so far away from them.

So.. please head over to 'Baby Space' and congratulate Bron on her gorgeous little arrival.. (We wish we could come and visit!)

/Photo via Baby Space/


little miss olive said...

how sweet are those photos!? what a beautiful idea.

oh, by the way..hello! i have recently discovered your blog and have been reading for a short time. i don't think i've commented before, but thought i should stop and say hello. so hello! :)

Amanda said...

What a small world! Bron's blog is one of my favourite reads - she seems so lovely too,I can imagine how sad it must have been to move across the other side of the country, especially when your children had become such good friends too. I just love the trio of photos above that Bron put together x

Luna said...

Thanks for sharing 'Baby Space' :)

Anonymous said...

I love the series of photos. Just lovely and a lovely blog entry as well.

bron @ baby space said...

naaaw, thanks katie :) we wish you could visit too!

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