15 February 2012

From Manhattan to Midnight in Paris


Tom got me the best present for valentines day.. He got me an album called "From Manhattan to Midnight in Paris" which is a collection of songs from all my favourite Woody Allen films.

I remember when I was single valentines day was such a big deal, but now (like my birthday) it's just another day, perhaps with a few more kisses than normal. I hope you had a lovely day and I hope that you did not get red roses (so tacky!)

/Image via Pinterest/


Anonymous said...

We aren't big celebrators of valentines day, preferring the spontaneity of expressing our love any day of the year :)

Lizeylou said...

How cute is that apple!!
And sounds like Tom got you the perfect gift ... well done Tom!

Luna said...

Our 'first date' anniversary is Feb 12 so V-Day is too close to celebrate our love yet again. My partner loves writing in his spare time, so I wrote him a poem. He loved it! Simple pleasures I say.

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