06 February 2012

Fancy Shmancy


Yesterday Tom, Sophie and I went to a fancy lunch at a beautiful restaurant on the river. It was Tom's step-mum's brother's wife's 50th. (Get that?)
It was the most beautiful afternoon and we had a lovely time. It's hard to believe that when we lived in Sydney, before Sophie was born, Tom and I spent a large percentage of our income going out to fancy restaurants. Tom loves to cook, but he also loves to eat good food and we were always heading out to trendy new restaurants and spending more money on one meal than we would now spend in a week!
It's funny.. now we never go out and our favourite thing to do is stay home and cook, all together. Sometimes we are tempted to go out when we hear about a great new restaurant (and they are few and far between in Perth), but we always think about all the other things we could do with that money and then Tom will say "I don't want to go out without Sophie" (and he is only half joking!)

Funny how life changes.

P.s Don't ask what is on my daughters head. She found it in the bargain basket at Spotlight when we were out buying fabric one day and will not take it off.


Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos - especially the pretty mama and daughter shots. We rarely go out to dinner these days either :)

Steph said...

We used to be exactly the same! Looks like a gorgeous lunch and that little "fascinator" your munchkin is wearing looks very stylish. I see a future stylist in the making. HOpe all is lovely :) x

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

Oh Steph.. If only you knew! It takes us about an hour to get Sophie dressed every morning because she gets changed about 20 times.. and I am not exaggerating!

Most mornings she has one outfit to have breakfast in, then gets changed before brushing her teeth, then gets changed again.. and again.. and again.

I am actually considering putting a lock on her wardrobe.. how awful is that! And she never ever lets me choose what she will wear. Sob.

Luna said...

Sophie's got style!

Eunjoo Brink said...

Hello. Nice to meet you :) I am waiting for my little girl and her name will be sophia. haha.
Actually your blog really touched me. thanks for giving me warm feeling.

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