13 December 2011

In full bloom


I have had 4 close friends all give birth to baby girls in the last few weeks, so I have been busy making little baby bloomers in sweet fabrics. I finished one pair late last night and hope to finish the rest in the next few days.
It's so nice to be back on my sewing machine. I have not been sewing for a few weeks as my back was so sore after the accident and then I was busy preparing for Sophie's birthday party.
I actually think I get a bit cranky if I don't sew for a few weeks.. Maybe sewing for me is like exercise is for some people!?


Tania said...

So pretty! I've had in mind to do a pair for ages now. I even cut out some last year, but they would be too small to bother sewing up now. Though we've only had about two days of bloomer weather here this season.

Helen said...

super dooper cute!

Jess said...

So sweet! Looking forward to seeing some more beautiful things in your shop!

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