29 December 2011


It's really not..

Tom's little sister (who is a super trendy young designer) brought several bottles of this Champagne to Christmas.
I rarely drink alcohol (I think I drank enough in my uni days to make up for a lifetime of future abstinence) but I couldn't resist a glass of this Champagne.. I am such a sucker for pretty labels!

(Actually, I think 'Sparkling wine' is the correct term, but eh.)


Amanda said...

I love the label on the bottle too! Did your sister in law design the label or is that a bottle of champagne you can buy somewhere? My mother in law loves bubbles and this would be ideal for her!!! Love your blog too :)

Amanda said...

I don't drink much either having been either pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant for the last four years but a pretty label like that would probably entice me to have a glass too :)

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

She did not design them herself, but her friend did! I'll ask Tom's sister if you can buy them anywhere (I might get a few myself, I'll never actually drink them but they will look awfully pretty on the shelf!)

GSims said...

people think i'm weird not to drink anymore. i just remind them that i prefer the company of our boisterous two boys to the throbbing of a hangover any day!

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