09 December 2011

The Dance

mumma's shoes

Sophie likes to wear my shoes.
She also likes to dance.
Lately, we have been dancing to this song and this song.
And, if you want to see the best moves ever, watch this.
(Sophie is going to kill me when she is 21!)


joanna said...

she is truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. On a day where some of my fertility blood test results were not great, she reminds me to cherish what I already have - a healthy, beautiful child,funny, angelic and heartbreaking just like her. xxx

potts.family said...

That is fantastic - you right though she will kill you at her 21st!! Enjoy that gorgeous girl.

little wild moose said...

Oh she is just gorgeous! Truly in her own world of delight. It made me giggle out loud, thinking of what dance moves Everly will be doing at that age! :) Thank you for sharing!

Tania said...

That video was just so cute! Ballet and break dancing in one :) We like to dance to Pumped up Kicks lately too.

Elsie.Sydee said...

That is actually one of the cuter things I have seen in my life!!

small catalogue said...

Everyone should dance with such beautiful wild abandon.

Lizeylou said...

I just got tickets to see Foster the People and I am SO excited.
Very cute video!

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