21 December 2011

Homemade Christmas

homemade marmalade

Last Christmas we made every single gift that we gave to family and friends. We made marmalade, lemon cordial, roasted muesli and I made clothes for all the kids. This year I had the same intentions.. we were going to make chutneys and pestos and all sorts of things, but we have been so busy that we never got around to it.

I made up for it though, by buying everything from lovely little shops in my local area like this one and this one, that sell handmade (and often Australian) products. It was actually nice to choose thoughtful little gifts, and I know that Tom's little sisters will be happy to get something other than muesli! (Do you really think that a 19 year old uni student wants lemon cordial for Christmas?! Especially since before Tom met me (and had a lovely disposable income) he would spend about $200 on each sister every Christmas (remember he has FIVE little sisters)! Of course, none of them would ever complain about getting a bottle of homemade cordial after they are use to getting a new MimCo wallet (they are all lovely, down-to-earth girls), but I think they will be happy to get something non-edible this year!!)

Did you do a homemade Christmas? Any suggestions for things I can make next year?

Only 4 more sleeps..


Tania said...

That marmalade does look pretty special. Still on my to do list is orange marmalade for my Pop, who just turned 89 and has marmalade for breakfast every single morning. I managed a few homemade placemats for Mum and shortbread for teachers. I blogged about having the time (or not!) for handmade just this morning. Reassuring to know that others are in the same boat :)

weissbunt said...

You just got a new fan Katie :-). Love your blog and will definitely stop by again ;-). Happy holidays to you and your loved ones - maks :-)

P.S. Can very much relate to your situation. I almost lost one child for every healthy one I have.

GSims said...

chezlarsson gifted homemade vanilla sugar + lemon salt. can't wait to try these myself.

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