14 October 2013

Taking stock


Making: little pants for Henry
Cooking: beetroot bolognese
Drinking: tea (of course!)
Reading: the manual for my new sewing machine
Wanting: a fairy-godmother that comes and cleans the house while I sleep
Looking: at the warm banana bread in front of me
Playing: April Maze
Wasting: too much time on Pinterest
Fixing: the hem on my husband's pants
Deciding: if I should make another pot of tea
Wishing: I had a craft room
Enjoying: the perfect spring weather
Waiting: for the mailman to come
Liking: not having to get up and do the school run every morning
Wondering: if I could ever give up tea?
Loving: the latest issue of Kinfolk
Pondering: how life tuns out
Considering: a weekend away with the girls.. no husbands and no kids
Watching: Blue Jasmine -it was so good!
Hoping: to get my hands on Beci Oprin's new book 'home'
Marvelling: at the little tree in the garden that came back from the dead
Needing: more time to craft
Smelling: the eucalyptus spray I clean the dining table with
Wearing: Jeans and a stripy t-shirt as usual
Following: Henry around all over the place
Noticing: How the days are getting longer
Knowing: that I should go to bed earlier
Thinking: that I should probably do some exercise one day soon
Buying: fabric (of course!)
Getting: not a lot done these days, but that's okay
Admiring: people who manage to get a lot done
Bookmarking: blogs for future reading
Opening: the box of fruit that just arrived on my doorstep
Giggling: at myself for bumping into a pole today and then saying "oh I'm so sorry" before I turned to realise I was talking to a pole. It was also in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Oh dear.
Feeling: exhausted but content

I am playing along with Pip's 'taking stock'. (I couldn't resist playing along as I love writing lists and filing in forms.. anyone else funny like that?)
Feel free to play along if you like..

(Photo of Henry and I by Anneli Hansen photography.. lots more photos from her soon!)


Steph @ this brown wren said...

What a perfectly beautiful list. Sounds like life is treating you kindly lovely soul. Hope your days are grand :) xx

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