21 October 2013

stills: a snapshot of my week

the usual mess

the dining table

time for tea

little cuties

beetroot Bolognese

Mr Henry

Charlie the cat

I have decided to play along with Em over at The Beetle Shack in her weekly 'stills' collection.
(I only just discovered her gorgeous blog and very glad I did!)

I take so many photos each week as I am still trying to master my DSLR camera, although I am very proud to say that since I attended 'The Nursery' with Tim Coulson a few months ago (more on that another day) I take all my photos on manual (as opposed to just leaving the camera on automatic) which is much more complicated than just switching a button over!

So here are a collection of photos from this week..

1. The rug in front of the couch is surrounded by toys.. most days you can't actually see the rug under all the toys and puzzles! But it's a happy mess.

2. Our dining table is right in the middle of the house. It's where we eat, play, draw and work. It's where I put my bag down when I walk in the door. It's covered in coloured pencil and splatters of last nights spaghetti sauce. It always has a big bowl of fruit in the middle and flowers in a vase.. these ones are picked from our garden!

3. This teapot was given to Tom and I as a wedding present. It says "for life" on the top which I think is nice. Every single morning this teapot gets filled with 2 spoons of loose leaf english breakfast tea and boiling water and two cups of tea get poured a few minutes later. If I make myself a cup and forget about Tom he will say "Are you making divorce tea?" because apparently making tea for yourself and not your husband is behaving like you want a divorce.

4. Poor Henry. I am constantly saying to Sophie "Don't pick him up, please", "Just let him walk on his own", "Be gentle", "He just wants to do this himself.. just let him be!"
Oh it's tough having an adoring big sister!

5. Beetroot bolognese.. It's a winner!

6. When he entertains himself I should take the opportunity to get things done (that pile of dishes, a load of washing) but most of the time I just sit back and watch him adoringly. Sigh.

7. Charlie. The weirdest cat who ever did live.


Chrisy Clay said...

Your photos are amazing Katie !! Glad you're enjoying Em's blog The Beetle Shack. I've only recently started following her too and love her posts.

Emma Steendam said...

Oh beetroot bolognaise - recipe please? I have a big crop of beets about to harvest!

bluebirds of happiness said...

I have the exact same teapot (in red). My husband gave it to me for christmas 7 years ago, every morning whichever one of us is up first brews the tea, whoever has the most energy left at night does the same. I love that tea pot x

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the brand of teapot - I am looking for a good one (that pours well and brews the tea and stays hot!).

Amanda said...

Gorgeous snapshots Katie. Your vase of flowers is beautiful... how lucky you are to be able to pick bunches of them :) I've been following Em for ages now... you'll love her blog. And the photo of Sophie carrying her little brother is so precious x

bron @ baby space said...

divorce tea! he he, love it. gorgeous pics katie x

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