20 October 2013

blog love

all I need is a cup of tea

I remember when I first discovered the world of blogs. It was an experience that was similar to falling down the rabbit hole.. the discovery of one led to the discover of another and before I knew it it was 2am and I had been introduced to a whole new world of clever, cool and crafty people.

Back then (just after Sophie was born, almost 6 years ago now) there seemed to be only a handful of really popular blogs that everyone knew about and followed. I can remember putting Sophie down to sleep, making a cup of tea and easily scrolling through my favourite blogs in about 10 minutes.

At the time, I was a new mum, I had just taught myself how to sew and I was slowly (really slowly) learning how to manage this whole mummy/ wife role that I had (happily) landed myself in. It was so nice to read about other mums out there in the same situation as me.. trying their best to live simple, happy lives but still burning dinners, unpicking sewing projects gone wrong at two in the morning and still finding themselves in their pyjamas at 4pm some days.
They were my kindred spirits.

Fast forward 6 years (and after a year or so break from the blogging world) I'm finding myself a little lost. My old favourites are still there but there are SO many new blogs and most of them are so, so good!
The bar has been raised while I have been gone!

Soo.. I want to know.. What are your favourite blogs? The ones you love and read most often?

Feel free to leave your own link too (if you have one) so I can pop over and say hello!


Emma Steendam said...

Hi Sophie,

I discovered your blog when you were pregnant with Grace, and I'm so glad I did. The blogging community has enabled me to do so much in the past six years since I too discovered it, down the rabbit hole I went! I quit my day job, I worked my arse off trying to make something work that clearly wasn't going to, I planned a wedding, we got married, we walked away from 'the dream', 'the forever house', we traveled around Australia homeless and jobless for 15 months trying to figure it out, now we've moved to a remote location in South Australia where I can't really 'work' as we're so isolated, all because I knew that there was this group of like-minded creative people who would be there at the other end of my internet connection. It's inspiring and empowering stuff.

My blog is She Sows Seeds, www.shesowsseeds.com - it's a work in progress but I've got big plans :) Other blogs I'm loving at the moment are Rustic Living, Hugo and Elsa, BabyMac, Gourmet Girlfriend, Foxs Lane, Sugar Lander (love!), A Lovely Lark, Coal Valley View, The Beetle Shack, Che and Fidel...the list is long. Happy reading!

Emma Steendam said...

Omg I just called you Sophie lol

Amanda said...

If you're not already familiar with them, check out This Brown Wren, Tea With Lucy, Sunny & Scout and Oscarlucinda, all blogs I'm sure you'll love just as much as I do xx

cozycapecottage said...

Oh my....my list is long. Some recently added faves (most of which have been around awhile, but are new to me) are Manhattan Nest, Attic24, Posie Gets Cozy and DIY Diva. I've been meaning to make an old fashioned blog roll, but just haven't found the time!

Summer said...

I only recently discovered your blog (I think it was when you won a giveaway on Creature Comforts blog- did I remember that correctly?), but I really love it. I was instantly drawn to your honesty about your painful but human experience. It take great courage to share your deepest emotions.
I write a very different blog- about sustainable and ethical fashion- but your might be interested in it. You can find me at www.tortoiseandladygrey.com

Michelle said...

I know what you mean it can be overwhelming with all the blogs out there and so hard to not compare yourself to them. I follow a lot of America bloggers and am trying to find more local bloggers from Aussie and Perth (such as yourself!) as I feel that I can relate and connect better being from the same place :)

Jess said...

I'm so pleased to see all these comments! Several of my favourite bloggers have recently slowed down or stopped writing, and I'm desperate for some new ones. In the last few months I've read the entire archives of www.nutsinmay.wordpress.com (she's having a rough time but I would kill to be able to write like that) and www.theharridan.wordpress.com (so very very funny). I can be found, sadly infrequently, blogging at www.lifewithgusto.wordpress.com.

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