22 September 2011

lounge pants

flower pants

little spotty shoes


little one



Miss Sophie

I made Sophie these little floral pants a few weeks ago.
Aren't they adorable?
Isn't she adorable?


Susan said...

these are so divine! what's the fabric?

Helen said...

gorgeous pants (and girl!) - her shoes are very cute too, where did you get them from?

Tania said...

Adorable! Both your little girl and those floral pants. I so love florals on girls.

Katie said...

Thanks guys.
The fabric is from Spotlight (Can you believe it? It is actually a lovely 100% cotton).
The pattern is from 'Sew La Tea Do'.
The shoes were $8 from K-mart!

bron @ baby space said...

yes and yes. such a little lady!

Silverdragon said...

Katie, she is beautiful!! The fabric looks a lot like a Liberty print - great it's a Spotlight number! You make very lovely things. :)

Rainie said...

Agree that both young lady and duds are gorgeous. My favourite photo is the upside down one. Lol :)

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