05 September 2011

Little lost girl.

On Saturday morning Sophie and I were walking up to the Subi farmers market when we found a little girl (about 1 year old) standing on the footpath by herself. I couldn't see anyone else around but I just couldn't believe that she was there by herself.
I kept asking her "Where is your mummy?" but she would just toddle off down the street. I picked her up and waited on the footpath with her.

After waiting about 10 minutes I decided to knock on the door of one of the houses on the street. I knocked on the door of about 20 houses before I found a woman who said "I know her, she lives in the yellow house around the corner".
We walked up to the yellow house, which was about 2 blocks from where I found the little girl and knocked on the door.
"Excuse me" I said "I think I have your baby?!!!???!"

The little girl had just wondered out the door and down the street. Her parents had NO IDEA that she was gone! (They thought that the screen door was locked.) She had crossed 2 roads to get to where I found her!
Can you believe it??
Her parents were incredibly embarrassed and incredibly grateful.

I cuddled Sophie just a little bit tighter that night.

*Photo of Sophie on the weekend.. she is growing up so quickly. Sigh.


Susan said...

horrifyingly I can relate to this! Recently my 18month old unlocked the screen door and ran away while I was in the toilet - he got his bucket and headed for the beach! Another time (when my daughter was about 2) during her nap time she used a chair in her room to take the fly screen off her window, opened the window, climbed out and ran down the street. The only way I knew she was gone was that I heard her footsteps on the front deck as she ran past! It's pretty terrifying. So lucky that you found that little girl before something bad happened to her

Katie said...

Oh I know.. it could happen to anyone.. that is why it's so scary! Sophie has just gotten tall enough to open the front gate by herself.. I keep having panic attacks when I can't hear her playing..

Anonymous said...

They should be thankful you found her for them. Little ones not tall enough can also be pretty cluey. My two year old knows which key opens the door and uses a chair to get the key and put it in the door.
I am looking to invest in another deadbolt up higher.

Anonymous said...

Gd is so good to have put you in that little girl's path. Wow.

mamashara said...

Just discovered your blog and having a read through....when i was just a crawler, i left our home and was picked up by a lady on the Highway! She also doorknocked and found my mum, who had by this time realised i was gone. The lady said our family dog had been nudging me off the road..Thankyou lovely dog!!

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