21 September 2011

Mandarin and lime cake

lime and mandarin cake

Tom made this cake a few weeks ago when we had a bunch of friends over for afternoon tea.
The recipe is actually for Mango and lime, but we usually make it with orange or mandarin and it turns out just as good (if not better). The recipe uses 200g of yoghurt, so it is always moist and really delicious..
Ooh I am so lucky to have a husband who loves spending hours in the kitchen making delicious things..


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I love citrus in cake...mmmmm....wishing I had some limes in the fridge right now!

Silverdragon said...

Mmm, I'm going to try that!! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Thanks for your comment.. It is nice to know that there is someone out there (other than my husband) reading my posts! Xx

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