01 November 2013

the nursery

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I think that some people have a natural talent for taking beautiful photographs. They just seem to pick up a camera and capture an image with the perfect amount of light and at exactly the right angle. Their photographs capture what they see so beautifully.
I, unfortunately, am not one of those people.

So a few months ago I attended 'The Nursery' with photographer Tim Coulson.

I arrived at 10am with my Canon DSLR that I had never taken off the 'automatic' setting. I was feeling pretty nervous (I always am walking into a room full of people that I don't know) but really looking forward to the day ahead.

Tim and Kesh made everyone feel relaxed straight away (they are such lovely people) and as we went around the room and introduced ourselves I realised that most people were in the same boat as me.. they had bought this fancy camera but didn't really know how to use it.

We spent the morning running through the basics of photography, learning how to take the camera off auto and learning a bit about connecting with our subject. After lunch we put our new skills to the test with a little photo shoot outside.

Photography is really an incredible skill to have. Not just as a blogger but as a parent as well and I am so glad I have taken the time to try and learn a little about photography and improve my skills.
I am proud to say that since attending The Nursery I have not taken my camera off manual. Not even once.
Every shot now takes a little more time and sometimes I don't get it right (the photo is almost all white or all black) but I'm slowly learning and I like the fact that I have to think a little more before taking a shot.

Have you attended 'The Nursery'? Do you shoot on 'auto' or 'manual'?

All photos above were taken by me.


Amanda said...

I was so desperate to attend one of Tim's sessions when he was over here, but the dates fell around my big girl's birthday party (or the day before when I needed to be cooking and preparing) and so, I resigned myself to the fact that it 'wasn't meant to be' this time around. I think a workshop like this is exactly what I need though, something to make the basics a bit clearer for me. I take about 90% of my shots on manual, however, to get one I'm happy with takes SO many bad shots to get there :) There's so much fiddling and changing setting and re-adjusting for me. The other 10% I shoot on AV or on the sports mode if the girls are moving around and I know that motion blur is going to be an issue for 'novice photographer me'. Photography is the one area I really wish I was better at. Your shots are always lovely Katie so whatever you're doing, keep doing!! Have a great weekend xx

Charlotte Rigby said...

Wow, this sounds great, I am saving up for a DSLR, and when I manage to get one I definitely want to learn to use manual!

Until That Good Day said...

I am a new reader and I just want to all you that you are AMAZING. A true inspiration :x

one claire day said...

I never attended the nursery but Tim was so generous with his photography tips when were chatting during our family session when Lalie was one. Sometimes all you need is a few very simple tips to get you moving forward. Yay for manual.... These pics are lovely! X

Until That Good Day said...

* all = tell !
There pictures are great. Such a cool experience you get to do stuff like this :) May I ask what camera do you shoot with?

Kathy said...

I attended the Nursery workshop in August which was wonderful... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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