14 November 2013

down on the farm



fresh eggs!


Sophie and Ella


flopsy bunny getting into the lettuce

Every second weekend or so we like to head up to the farm where Tom's parents live. Only it's not really a farm.. there are grape vines at the front of the property and horse paddocks at the back but saying "we are just heading up to the vineyard darh-ling" always sounded a bit hoity-toity so we just call it 'the farm'.

The farm is in the swan valley, about 45 minutes from Perth. Tom's parents (well, mum and step-dad) moved up here about 6 years ago when the sold their house in the city and were looking for a more relaxed way of life. We feel so lucky that we have this little get away so close to us.. we drive for less than an hour yet once we get there we feel like we are a million miles away from the city.

Tom's mum has the most amazing veggie patch. Her veggie patch alone could take up a whole post!
There are 4 horses on the property (at one point they had 12!) including a little two week old foal. We collect eggs from the chickens, which is always lots of fun for Sophie and her cousin Ella as the chooks are allowed to wonder around the farm during the day so they always lay their eggs in strange places (this time on a bale of hay in the stables). We make lunch from the food harvested from the garden.. potatoes, lettuce, broad beans, beetroot, corn.. whatever is ready to eat!

Sometimes when I'm having one of those horrible evenings -when two kids are screaming and the house is a mess and you're trying to cook dinner and the washing machine decides to explode all over the floor when I think 'I wish Tom's mum lived around the corner!' but then we drive up to the farm on the weekend and I am so glad they live out here and we get to visit.

Are you lucky enough to have a home away from home?


bron @ baby space said...

so beautiful, you guys. max and I were just looking at his 3rd bday pics and we came over here to see sophie again. max asked, 'is she my cousin?' ;)

Emma Steendam said...

It sounds lovely - your little oasis. I remember driving into Perth from the north last year on our honeymoon and going through the Swan Valley and thinking how close it was to the city. My mum's house, our family home where we grew up, is our oasis. Pity it's an 8 hour drive away, I'm already dreading that for when I have the screaming baby and toddler - eeeek! Mum's garden is about an acre, with our cubby house from when we were kids and the tennis court for scooter and bike riding for the kids. I wish we lived closer.

At Number 32 said...

Oh that looks like such a nice 'farm' to gather at.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'd love a farm to escape to every couple of weeks... I might even embrace the hoity-toity-ness of it too, and drive there with a Grace Kelly-style scarf wrapped around my head, a la 'To Catch a Thief'!

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