13 August 2012

Approaching life..


I am really looking forward to having a blog that is actually full of delicious homemade food, pictures of all the delicious veggies we grow in the garden and post after post of all the pretty things I make on my sewing machine.

I am not sure if it because I am feeling so incredibly lucky at the moment or if it was the 5 months of full bed rest that did it, but for some reason I am feeling so motivated to approach life with absolute energy and passion at the moment.

I keep imagining life in our new house, with our new gorgeous baby and me.. unlike I have ever been before.. A new version of 'me' that is organised and motivated and has a new passion for life and motherhood and creating a wonderful loving home. Someone who shops at the local farmers markets and cooks delicious homemade meals from scratch, spends her time gardening and sewing and being absorbed in every moment with her kids. Someone who has the laundry sorted and the house clean and has time to bake muffins before playgroup in the morning. I imagine dancing around the house at 5pm with my kids laughing and happy and having fun because I will have prepared dinner at 10am instead of thinking about what to make at 6.45pm. I will be a better mother, a better wife and a better friend.

But then reality sets in..

I will be tired. Really tired. I will have a newborn. I will have a 4 year old who has to deal with moving house, changing schools and getting a new sibling all in the same month. I will have a husband that now takes an hour to get home from work instead of 10 minutes. I will be really out of shape after spending majority of the last 9 months in bed and I will probably spend most of the day in my pyjamas..

But you know what? I am okay with that. I'm more than okay with that..

I am going to spend every second just savouring that newborn goodness while eating take away in a house that resembles a junk yard. I am going to sit there with a smile on my face and hope that the motivation to make my life look like a pinterest board is still there in 6 months time!


These are some of my favourite photos from Instagram.. You can follow me on Instagram if you like (@grow_cook_sew) as I may be a bit sporadic in posting over the next few weeks (You know.. moving house and having a baby and all!)


Alison said...

Wishing you so much happiness as you prepare to meet your babe and start your new life together in your new home. It sounds like a meal roster might be a good idea with all that is going to be happening in your lives pretty soon!

Jacinta said...

Ahh we can dream and strive to have a life just like that if we want! Of course it takes time - especially with a newborn... but you'll get there for sure. x

Amanda said...

I love this post Katie, because your 'ideal world' sounds almost identical to what mine is :) And like you, I then come down from dreaming and realise that perhaps my real world is still a little way off from my ideal one... and that's okay. The main thing is that we have happy children who are loved and a happy home and all the other things we will get to eventually, there's plenty of time for them :) Hope you're managing to put your feet up at the moment and not doing too much 'nesting' xx

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I am so excited for you that I could just burst.

Victoria said...

our perfect mother sound the same, Some days I do have the muffins baking but thats only on full moon.
Enjoy life in PJ, baby vomit & all because it doesn't last long.

Lady Moss said...

No ones life looks like a pinterest board especially after a baby. After my first I pulled myself together and tried to be perfect mummy and missed out on somuch cuddle time trying to entertain and have the perfect home. After our son was born I went into hibernation and didn't leave the house for anything but little walks for a month. Minimal visitors and not a fresh baked scone in sight. It was heaven. Like its supposed to be. I remember so much more of that time and was a better mother to both my kids than ever before.

Enjoy every minute, it just goes so fast. I feel like it was yesterday but it's almost two years since.

Best of luck to you and yours
Lady Moss

audrinajulia said...

I just came across your blog by chance and decided that I will love to see more what life will brings to you so I end up following your blog.

Really life has so many ups and downs but what matters most is how we handle circumstances and to have a positive outlook and everything will put into place.

Steph said...

Sounds magic! But the amazing thing is...the reality already is that..and more. Throw your heart into it all, warts and all and your journey will be a spectacular one. Enjoy every pajama filled, leftover takeaway for brekkie, sleepy milky cuddle day. You deserve only sunshine in your life dear lady and may it always shine your way. Enjoy!!! :) x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! I came across a link to your blog on Facebook a little while ago, and have caught up on some of your news. I'm so incredibly happy for the three of you that you have a baby boy well on the way. You deserve every happiness! Love to you, and to Tom too. Hannah, Corin and Clara xo

Erika said...

There is so much beauty in chaos as well you know...You can have your very own system in this crazy, yet oh so beautiful "mess"! It is nice to read these lines, they are happy lines, and I am pretty sure your liveliness will persist, you just have to give yourself time to regain your strength and pursue all of it! Enjoy! :)

megannielsen said...

I'm honestly so excited for your next stage of life - and so thrilled that things are going so well. It's been truly amazing to watch everything fall into place for you!

bron @ baby space said...

so excited for you friend! thinking of you and sending you all my best xo

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