09 July 2011

Wine and Horses

le vines

One of the nicest things about living in Perth is that every weekend we head up to Tom's mum's place in the Swan Valley, about 40 minutes drive from the city.


A few years ago, Tom's mum and step-dad bought half a vineyard and because Tom's little sister rides horses, they built a huge stable block and there are 12 horses on the property. They also built a little 2 bedroom cottage that overlooks the vines on one side and the horse stables on the other..
We usually head up every weekend and stay for a night or two. It's SO lovely..

kids in the tractor

Sophie wakes up early in the morning and hops in the tractor to feed all the horses with her Granny, then collects fresh eggs from the chickens for breakfast.

sunset over the vines..

There are so many reasons why moving to Perth feels like the best decision we ever made.. and coming up here certainly is one of them!


Barbie // Birds of a Lovely Feather said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend. I enjoyed the post and the beautiful pictures.

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