08 June 2011

Give me an A.

I had to cancel my email subscription to Anthropologie, as I spent waaay to much time staring at all the pretty things over there..
But how beautiful are these bowls?

anthropologie bowls

(Image from 'a Creative Mint')


Anna said...

I do love Anthropologie too! I live in France, never gone to an Anthropologie shop yet but i think it's better for me and my money. I like these bowls ans monograms mugs too but I'm afraid to order because of the delivery. Have you ever ordered something?

Amanda said...

I have these bowls! I ordered them about 8 months ago, they came very well packaged (thank heavens i was worried they would be broken) but they are tiny bowls great for dips or sauces but too small for serving unfortuately which is what i wanted them for.

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