16 July 2011


my darling little Sophie..

"How many children do you have?"

Almost everyday I get asked this question and every time I pause for a long time before answering "Two. Sophie is my oldest and I had a little girl in January who was stillborn. Her name was Grace."

I wish that I could answer differently, but I can't. I have two children. I have given birth twice. And as difficult as it is to tell someone that I had a stillborn baby within moments of meeting them, I can't answer any differently.



Maddie said...

Hugs Katie. This question is still hard for me and probably always will be. Unless it's a very fleeting conversation I mention Matilda - I can't not either.

I've been thinking about you lately and hope the days are becoming more gentle for you.

Maddie x

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

That's a beautiful answer. xx

Caz said...

I was asked yesterday "so when you gonna try for number 2". (if I had cash for everytime I was asked that!!) and I politely said "you mean number 3". sigh.

Caz said...

PS I might have mentioned here before but my little girl who died was Sophia Grace - similar to your daughter's names. Beautiful names. Sophia = wisdom and grace = grace! :)

bron @ baby space said...

Now that you mention it people generally do ask that question a lot don't they? Of course this is your answer. You will always, always be the mother of two daughters.

Miss you my friend and hope Perth life is mostly kind (seems it is :). Sending you a million hugs from us.

C. said...

Beautiful answer, every time.

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