12 October 2010

Welcome back my friend

I am of course talking about my dear sewing machine that has been neglected for the last week. With all the jam making and sickness around here, I had no time (or energy) to sew.


But, before I could get back to my sewing, I decided to give my fabric cupboard a good tidy up -this was a good idea. What was not a good idea was to leave my mess on the dining room table, so when Tom got home he could see exactly how much fabric I had hidden away!

the sewing/ dining table

Needless to say I may be banned from buying any more fabric for a while!


Maxabella said...

Lots of good sewing just waiting in those folds. Enjoy!! x

Ina-Mari said...

Hehehe, I got banned as well. My argument of: "But it's pretty and what if I need something like this one day?" didn't go down as expected either...

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