20 October 2010

The bird dress

Hello my dear readers (all two of you)! Have you missed me?
It feels like forever since my last post and I'm afraid it will be few and far between posts over the next few weeks as life and other adventures will be getting in the way.. you all know how it is!

bird dress

However, I was very lucky to squeeze in a tiny amount of sewing on the weekend. Its not my usual style of fabric but I have been reading this book called Homemade living by Lotta Jansdotter (flicking through the pictures is probably a more appropriate description) and I have been feeling inspired by all the amazing, bold prints that those clever Swedish are so famous for..

little dumpling

So when a little Swedish meatball craving (don't ask) took Sophie and I to Ikea the other day, I was excited to find this cool monochrome bird print for next to nothing. It is exactly unlike any other fabric I own.. not pretty, not delicate, not vintage inspired, but I like it!

I decided that it would make a cool beach dress/ kaftan for Sophie, so I got to work. I couldn't find a kids kaftan pattern so I used a summer nightgown pattern, which worked fine. (No one will know she is wearing pyjamas to the beach, right?)

"I look like a scarecrow"

And although Sophie was happy to pose on the dining table for me, she did tell me that it was far too big for her and that she looked like "a flippy, floppy scarecrow"! Kids...


PottyMouthMama said...

I missed you, that's fo' shizzle. I am glad you are back from your brief hiatus.

I am BIG loving the dress. SO sweet. I am loving the little big girl even more. Super duper cute.

Steph said...

SO lovely! I complete understand about going off on a fabric tangent.Good to shake things up sometimes. Hope all is wonderful in your little slice of the world...and not too loony! Yep...missed you too :) x

Helen said...

very cute dress!
btw, here is a great recipe for Swedish meatballs so you don't have to go to ikea to get some. http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/15455/swedish+meatballs
very yum and easy - i throw everything into the food processor!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

C'mon now -- there are more than two of us :) CUTE is the word I would use to describe this wee dress especially with Miss Sophie in it. Love that middle pose.

Sugarpie said...

Lovely dress! I have just discovered your blog (clicked through a comment on Fat mum slim) and I love it! I hope one day to move from my beach apartment to a suburban home complete with vegie patch and space for a sewing machine, so am looking forward to reading your adventures :)

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