11 October 2010

The cook and the chef

Anyone who knows Tom and I, knows that Tom is the master chef around here. He is just one of those people who is naturally good at cooking. He just seems to have this uncanny ability to know exactly what needs to go together to taste good!
Not only is he good at cooking, but he loves to cook. I would not be exaggerating if I was to tell you that he spends at least 3 hours in the kitchen on any given Saturday or Sunday. (during the week I do all the cooking, but the weekend is all his).

To give you an idea of the difference in our cooking style.. If I come home and find some tuna steaks in the fridge, I will make grilled tuna and steam some veggies to go with it. Dinner = done!
Tom, however, will make seared tuna with white bean puree on a bed of wilted spinach with a garlic and white wine sauce.. on a weeknight! Seriously.. the man is obsessed! One night last week I found him in the kitchen rolling out fresh pasta at 11pm!

Yesterday I woke up to find him and Sophie making eggs with fried tomatoes and wilted spinach for breakfast (okay, pretty normal). But, then at about 10am he made a dozen blueberry friands. For lunch he whipped up a grilled haloumi salad and then he got started on dinner..

But, what's inside?

This may not look like much, but it is actually a whole leg of lamb that has been slow roasted for 4 hours, then placed on a bed of seared chick peas in beef stock and covered in cous cous, apricots, sultanas and spices. Then it is cooked for another 2 hours and served with garlic yogurt and coriander.. This is Tom's idea of a casual weekend dinner!

spiced lamb

Now, please don't think that I am complaining.. I know I am sooo lucky to have a husband that loves to cook.. but my darling, how about we just order pizza this weekend?!


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