10 September 2013



Henry turned one on Sunday. ONE! I think I can say without a doubt that was the fastest year of my life. I feel like it was just born yesterday and here we are celebrating 365 days of Henry being here in the world!

Although the year has flown, it feels like a lifetime ago that I was lying in bed praying (as much as an atheist can pray) that this little boy would be born safely. Most people can't believe that I spent most of the pregnancy lying flat on my back in bed but I think we would do it again in a heartbeat..
It was a small sacrifice to get a beautiful, healthy baby boy in the end and I try to remind myself every day how lucky we are to have him here.

Happy birthday cheeky monkey. You are one awesome little man and we love you so!


megannielsen said...

Happy birthday Henry!!

Honestly honey, i really can't believe its been a year either! It feels like yesterday that you were pregnant. Wow!

I'm so thrilled to see what a happy little sweetheart he looks like. All your hard work was totally worth it honey!

Hugs! xoxo

Angela said...

So glad you're back on your blog! A nice surprise.

Glad to hear life is going so well

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday to your adorable little man... xx

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