23 August 2013





We recently went on a holiday* to Sydney and Hobart. We spent a week in each city visiting my folks (My Dad is in Sydney and my Mum recently moved to Hobart).

It's a strange feeling going back to Sydney.

I spent 28 years of my life living in Sydney but have spent the last 2 years living in Perth.
I love Perth, I'm so glad we moved here, it's definitely my home now and I have never had the slightest sense of regret about leaving Sydney until, of course, I went back.

Sydney is such an amazing city. I would be lying if I said that I didnt get stabbing pains in my heart thinking about how much I miss living there. (Okay, well maybe it was not quite that dramatic but you know what I mean!)

I didn't actually get much time to visit any of my old favourite places as my dad is very ill and I spent most of my time visiting him (He had not seen Sophie for almost two years and had not met Henry yet so it was lovely for them to see their Opa) but I really hope to go back to Sydney soon and spend hours wondering around my old haunts.

*I'm not really sure that you can call it a holiday when 48 hours before you are due to fly out your husband calls from work and says "I now have to go to Hong Kong for 3 weeks INSTEAD".. I don't think flying around Australia with two kids on your own counts as a holiday does it?!  No, probably not.


Anonymous said...

Is your daughter on that coffee ad? Where a Dad is reminiscing about his daughter, who is now grown and now has a daughter of her own? It looks so much like Sophie!

Craftysquirrel said...

Visiting via Che and Fidel, lovely photos of your kids, and I agree flying with kids not a holiday for the parent but kids really seem to love airports .

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