26 November 2012

Little ones..

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My friend Ani took some gorgeous photos of Henry, Sophie and me a few weeks ago. They turned out beautifully don't you think?

If you are looking for an amazing photographer in Perth you can find Ani's website here.



Steph @ this brown wren said...

Stunning! What beautiful keepsakes your lovely friend has made for you by capturing such a special time. So, so beautiful x

ainhoa said...

i had a rough day today, but seeing these pictures put a huge smile n my face. thanks for sharing such moments of happiness! xx

Victoria said...

These are photos are just beautiful.

Ellen Arthur said...

Over here from Fields of Sage :)What beautiful keepsakes for you to remember such a special time in your life! I can't believe how gorgeous you look straight after giving birth :)
Ellen xx

Olga Dossa said...

Oh what beautiful photos. Your children are gorgeous and you have a lovely blog. Enjoy your little ones. xxx

Carla Brito said...

Beautiful photos!!! :)

Amanda said...

What beautiful shots and moments captured Katie. You look radiant x

one claire day said...

Beautiful x

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