10 January 2013



My (not so) little girl turned 5 two days after Christmas. I can not believe that we have a FIVE year old! It seems like it was only yesterday that she was toddling around in a nappy and now she is about to start full time school!

I wish that I could rewind a few years and re-live her 3rd and 4th year all over again. I often worry that I spent that whole time so depressed after losing Grace and then so consumed with trying to fall pregnant again that I was not really the best mother during those years. I was so focused on what I had lost and what I didn't have that I forgot to enjoy the things I did have.. like my beautiful little girl.

Luckily, she has still managed to grow into a gorgeous little girl and even though she has given us a run for our money since Henry was born we still feel so lucky to have her every single day!

Happy birthday my darling girl.. I hope being five is loads of fun! Xx


Jess @ Caffeine and Tutus said...

My little girl is turning 5 tomorrow, and I can completely relate- when did they become so grown up?! Happy Birthday gorgeous Sophie! x

Amanda said...

I think when little ones turn 5, it really hits home as to how quickly they are growing... I was only thinking today that I'll have a four year old soon and how her following birthday next year of 5 seemed so grown up!! I understand how you feel as though Sophie's 3rd and 4th year past by so quickly with all that was going on around you, but I'm sure you were still a loving mother to her Katie. Happy birthday to you sweet girl xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dear Sophie!
I so much love reading your blog Katie. All the ups and downs... Still...
Personally I never wanted to have kids. I'm more into cats myself (I cherish 4 that make my day everday, sorry...) No offence intended.
But your blog and all you have been through really touched my soul.
As a catlover - which I am - I still would like to tell you that I am so happy for you and your little family. So glad you made it this far :-)
Have a happy and joyful year 2013!
Cheers from Vienna/Austria,

Amber said...

Oh such a precious blog and sweetest message. Happy birthday lovely girl.xxx and congrats mum!

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl! You are so very blessed to be born into a house so brimming with love. WIshing you much adventure and laughter :) x

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