23 August 2011

Face masks and Foolishness

I have always been a fan of Carla Oates and her love of home-made beauty products, so I was really happy to find her blog last week which is full of great recipes for beauty products that you can make from the contents of your fridge/ pantry..

I made the mandarin and almond face scrub which was divine!

Sophie and mummy

sad faces

silly faces

These photos are of Sophie and I a few months ago playing silly buggers in the bathroom!


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Too, too cute, and will have to check out Carla's website. That mask sounds ace!

bron @ baby space said...

Ok, this is is seriously too cute you guys! I will have to show the preschooler. Of course he will ask what's on your faces :)

p.s Am happy to see you're still blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you are back blogging again! Very cute face masks too :-)

Jess said...

So cute! I will have to do this with my little one xx

Steph said...

What a yummy sounding mask! Ta for the link!! And what gorgeous piccies of you and your beautiful girl. Wishing you a wonderful weekend :) x

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